How to create style files

Hopefully this page will help explain to manufactures or suppliers to understand how to create the style files for their product to be used in various Point Of Sale products like 'Osipos' to make importing your product range in to POS systems as easy as possible for your clients

While we provide the StyleSpec.doc as a guide to creating the tables/files required, this page will provide sample/template files to review and in most cases the DEPART.TBL, SUBDEPT.TBL, PRODUCT.TBL, CATEGORY.TBL samples can be used without modification with your product, if this is the case then all that is required by you is the ????STYL.TXT and RANGE.INF files that contains your barcode and product information in the format specified in the StyleSpec.doc below helps explain StyleSpec.doc in a more friendly fashion (as it has been noted that its a little cryptic) also to help are some samples of the files are provided on this page to further assist you in creating the files required by POS systems.

The RANGE.INF file simply contains a Unique Season Code, a short Season Name description, and a date code YYYYMMDD

In this case
Line 1) W08CM -> is made up of (W)=Winter, (08)=2008 and (CM)=CLOTHING-MENS/BOYS (W08CM)
Line 2) Widget WINTER 2008 CLOTHING-MENS/BOYS -> will be the descriptive link that we use on the download page.

line 3) 20071201 -> is the start of delivery date, in the format YYYYMMDD

a sample of this file can be seen/downloaded here RANGE.INF (while the file has the extention of .INF it is simply a text file, and nothing to do with .INF files of windows)

Sample TBL Files,
Clicking on the following should display the contents of the file, to download 'right' click and select 'save target as' (wording may differ between browsers) to save to you local drive
DEPART.TBL (View contents of DEPART.TBL)
SUBDEPT.TBL (View contents of SUBDEPT.TBL)
PRODUCT.TBL (View contents of PRODUCT.TBL)

Generally you can use the above TBL sample files as is, and will only need modifying if you have additional Depart, SubDept, Product or Category that are not covered in the above samples. The first line of all TBL Files is the number of paired items (item name and item code) in the file, so if we look at DEPART.TBL the first line is 7 this means there are 7 Items made up of the Item name and the TBL link code that is used in the ???STYL.TXT file (see table below) eg: (this is the contents of DEPART.TBL in bold)
7 This is the first line and is the number of paired items in the file (ie: 14 lines of data)
MENS Line 1 = item name #1
C Line 2 Link code for item #1 (the link codes are the ones used in ????STYL.TXT)
LADIES Line 3 = item name #2
G Line 4 Link code for item #2
ACCESS Line 5 = item name #3
A Line 6 Link code for item #3
WETSUIT Line 7 = item name #4
W Line 8 Link code for item #4
SNOW Line 9 = item name #5
S Line 10 Link code for item #5
BOARDS Line 11 = item name #6
B Line 12 Link code for item #6
FOOTWEAR Line 13 = item name #7
T Line 14 Link code for item #7
View contents of DEPART.TBL

Now for the meat of it!.. the ????STYL.TXT This is the main file that is required and is made up of your product details, and using information found in the above TBL files to select and fill in the fields we need with the best Depart, SubDept, Product or Category that fit/suit your product line. hopefully the following sample file (below) will help explain the contents of the file.

While the file ????STYL.TXT can simply be a text (.txt or .csv) file, you may find doing it in a spread sheet (.xls) simpler and easier to maintain, we will accept files created in this manner.
You may be asking what are the '?' in ????STYL.TXT, well it means you can put any 4 characters in front of STYLE.TXT, usually this would be the first 4 letters of your brand name. as an example we will use the well know and respected brand 'WIDGET' so Widget would name their style.txt files as WIDGSTYLE.TXT (or WIDGSTYLE.CSV or WIDGSTYLE.XLS etc.. if using a spread sheet)

To make things a bit easier, you can use the BLANKSTYLE.XLS as a template to use, it already has all the fields set out, just fill in the cells with your product details or use it as a guide for your system export routines, but please do reference the StyleSpec.doc (or use the table below) for the length of each field (cell), (as we will mercilessly truncate any feilds (cells) that are too long)

So lets have a look at a raw line of data in the ????STYL.TXT (if not using xls) (There are also links to some examples at the bottom of this page)
(the following line should be/show all on one line and not word wrapped)

8WFBM,BEDFORD MEXICAN SHORT,ASS,ASSORTED,XL,30.00,59.95,40.00,74.95,9999999999999,9999999999999,C ,N/A,M ,FW,W08,24B,4 ,NNNNNNYYYYNN,STARS,10990,01/07/08,01/10/08,36,0.00,24,12, ,23,

Now lets have a closer look at that line above and break it down field by field
in the below table we can see what each field is and it's max length for each field. (At the bottom of the page are some downloadable samples in CSV and XLS format with 10 products to show you what the files look like)
Field# Fieldname Type Max Length Decimal Example data from above line
1 (A) Style Code A 10 . 8WFBM
2 (B) Description A 25 . BEDFORD MEXICAN SHORT
3 (C) Short Colour A 5 . ASSTD
4 (D) Full Colour A 20 . ASSORTED
5 (E) Size A 5 (Changed-23/07/09) . XL
6 (F) W/S Cost AU$ N 8 2 30.00
7 (G) Retail AU$ N 8 2 59.95
8 (H) W/S Cost NZ$ N 8 2 40.00
9 (I) Retail NZ$ N 8 2 74.95
10 (J) Barcode #1 A 13 . 9999999999999
11 (K) Barcode #2 A 13 . 9999999999999
12 (L) Department A 2 . C (Code selected from the DEPART.TBL)
13 (M) Sub-department A 2 . N/A (Code Selected from the SUBDEPT.TBL, Not commonly used)
14 (N) Product Type A 2 . M (Code Selected from the PRODUCT.TBL)
15 (O) Category A 2 . FW (Code Selected from the CATEGORY.TBL)
16 (P) *Season Flag A 3 . W08 (W08 = Winter 2008, S08 = Summer 2008 etc...)
17 (Q) Pack ID A 5 . 24B00
18 (R) Pack Quantity A 3 . 4
19 (S) **Valid Months A 12 . NNNNNNYYYYNN (see below)
20 (T) ***Account # A 10 . STARS
21 (U) ***Purchase Order# A 10 . 10990
22 (V) ***Date Ordered D 10 . 01/07/08 (in format DD/MM/YY)
23 (W) ***Delivery Date D 10 . 01/10/08 (in format DD/MM/YY)
24 (X) ***Order Quantity N 5 . 36
25 (Y) ***Tax Rate A 6 2 0.00
26 (Z) Bundle Quantity A 3 . 24
27 (AA) Minimum Order A 3 . 12
28 (AB) Reserved A 3 . 000 (fill with 3 zeros)
29 (AC) Catelogue Page Number A 10 . 23 (product found on page 23)
30 (AD) Reserved A 3 . 000 (fill with 3 zeros)

*Season Flag - Current common main examples (however you can have any 3 char codes you wish)
  S08 = Summer 08
  H08 = High Summer 08
  W08 = Winter 08
  P08 = Spring (Sprinter)

**Valid Months for Orders Where a Y or N indicates valid months of delivery, If your unsure what this is or you dont use valid months of product delivery to retailers then just set them all to Y (ie:YYYYYYYYYYYY) eg:

***Fields 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25, suppliers do not need to fill these fields in for sending product range stylefiles to us, leave these blank (or padded)

If you are doing it in a TXT or CSV then It is imperative that fields that are blank should be padded with a space and comma delimited, every line should have 30 fields, (29 commas in each line), see sample CSV below.

CSV/TXT example -> StyleSpec.csv
XLS Example-> StyleSpec.xls
Blank Template XLS -> BLANKSTYLE.XLS

If you are using the default TBL files as listed at the top of the page then all we need from you is the ????STYL.TXT (or CSV or XLS) and the RANGE.INF.

Creating seperate ????STYL.TXT files for each style, ie: Mens, Ladies, Kids, Wetsuites, Accessories etc.... will make things a lot simpler for retailers looking for and downloading particular styles

Files can be emailed to

Oh! and if its your first time please supply us with your brand logo for the pages

For further assistance and new brand enquiries please email

Lee: 10/jul/09


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